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Become a VIP and earn $4 Off your next online order! is seeking Social Ambassadors to help promote our brand via our VIP Program! What is a Social Ambassador? Well, great question! An Eatblue Social Ambassador is one who agrees to help promote the Eatblue brand by agreeing to post messages of weekly specials, deals, and events via their social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. The process is very simple and all automated on our end. All you have to do is "agree to post" when we email you deals.

What's in it for you? If you sign up to become a VIP, you'll earn points that will lead to regularly receiving free food giveaways and exclusive deals not sent to our general users. We track which Ambassadors reach the largest amount of people by monitoring the number of clicks per link from your individual posts. This way, we can clearly see who is responsible for the most traffic and determine who will receive larger incentives in the future! Everyone earns deals and everyone earns points! Here's an example of how you can earn your first $4OFF coupon:

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15 Points
Agree to connect thru Facebook: 10 Points
Agree to connect thru Twitter: 10 Points
Share recruitment link and sign up 1 friend: 10 Points
Share our weekly post and generate 5 visitors to 5 Points
Total = 50 Points = $4 Off your next order!  

Why should you help us? Well that's easy, because we're awesome! haha. Also, the messages that we will ask you to promote on a weekly basis are for great food specials on the site. As a VIP, you will help us inform your friends of the great deals on food around Ann Arbor and help them save money on food.

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